Second Chance for Losers in Party Primaries

Second Chance for Losers in Party Primaries

By Elizabeth Kijanah

Aspirants who will lose in party primaries now can run as independent candidates in the August general election.

On Thursday, the Registrar of political parties, Anne Nderitu, said there is an opportunity for candidates who will fail in the primaries. However, she assured them of having a chance to vie as independent candidates.

According to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission timelines, Party primaries nomination will happen between April 16 and 22.

The IEBC further provides that independent candidates will have until May 2 to submit their documents and symbol.

Nderitu told members of the National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee that the losers would have ten days between April 22 and May 2 to decide if they would run as independent candidates.

“As the law stands now, within those ten days, someone can be allowed to jump ship and vie as an independent candidate,” said Nderitu.

However, the law has banned candidates from crossing over and joining other political parties.

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