Kalonzo Musyoka’s Ireducible minimum for Raila Odinga coalition

Kalonzo Musyoka’s Ireducible minimum for Raila Odinga coalition

By Elizabeth Kijanah

Wiper party leader and presidential hopeful Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has set out new terms and conditions that he says would guide the negotiation conversation before teaming up with the ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The Wiper party leader said he was ready to work with Raila again but wants Mr. Odinga to consider the 2017 pre election deal under the NASA coalition.

Kalonzo who was speaking at the Kalonzo Musyoka Command Centre on Tuesday said that, he was ready for negotiations of forming a coalition however this time they must be structured.

“I am ready to work with Raila again. I urge that we engage in fresh negotiations; this document (2017 MOU) forms the basis of such negotiations,” Kalonzo said.

The 2017 pre-election Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) document stated: “In the articles of agreement, principal H (Raila Odinga) agrees in a public MOU to serve one term and publicly endorse principal Q (Kalonzo Musyoka) as a presidential candidate for 2022.

However, Kalonzo has maintained that he is ready and willing to work with Raila and form the next government under the Azimio-OKA coalition.

“This document should form the basis of honest conversation and if they refuse that fine. We move on,” he said.

Whether or not the 2017 deal is still binding is still in question as the coalition is since defunct having been dissolved after the affiliate parties bolted out in 2021.

Kalonzo has maintained that there is no bad blood between him and the ODM leader.

“I would like to say there is no tension between Raila Odinga and me. But, in effect, I urge Uhuru Kenyatta to take leadership of the current round of negotiations. He holds a sense of authority and still holds great sway,” he said.

The former vice-president called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to lead the conversation that would lead to a coalition between him Kalonzo and Raila Odinga.

“He (Uhuru) has a sense of authority and he is a sitting president and holds great sway,” he said.

“This was a secret agreement but the person who was to release it is already in breach of it.”

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