USA Opens Scholarship application for International students

USA Opens Scholarship application for International students

Pursuing higher education in the US can be entirely costly but with several opportunities for your studies to be financed, it becomes even easier. There are many types of scholarships in the US that international students can benefit from. The scholarships include:

  • Government-funded scholarships
  •   Private funded scholarships
  •   University-specific scholarships
  •  County funded scholarships
  •   Merit-based scholarships

Based on the type, here are some of the scholarships international students can apply for. However, it is important to note that eligibility varies from one region to another.

US Government and Private Funded Scholarships for International Students

Fulbright Foreign Student Program- this is among the top scholarships in popularity in the US. Funded by the US government through The Fulbright Commission, international students and artists are offered a generously offered an opportunity to study a course of their choice in the United States.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships– the MasterCard foundation scholarships benefit African students who intend to study in the US.

The Civil Leadership Awards– this scholarship is meant for international students who have demonstrated academic and leadership excellence.

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme– These scholarships are meant for international students from developing nations especially from the African continent who intend to pursue postgraduate studies in the United States.

The Next Gen Scholarship– This scholarship is available for international students who wish to study in Virginia, Washington, and Maryland.

Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship – the scholarship is awarded two times per year to academically excellent international students wishing to study in the US.

AAUW International Fellowships – this is a grant provided by the American Association of University Women to female international students wishing to pursue their studies in the US.

The P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship– The program awards more than $10,000 to eligible international students who intend to study for a graduate-level degree in the United States.

David P. Shapiro Autism Scholarship – international students with autism wishing to pursue their studies in the US can apply for this scholarship.

Preply Scholarship – The scholarship which is awarded to only three scholars can be applied to international students aged below 35 years of age.

US University-Specific Scholarships for International Students

Harvard University Scholarships – Several competitive scholarships are offered by this university to international deserving students.

American University. The university offers the American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, a fully-funded scholarship to one international student. The university also provides other partial scholarships which can be applied by international students who have exhibited exemplary leadership skills.

Clark University Global Scholars Program – The university offers a wide range of funding to international students which range from tuition waivers to internship stipends.

Wesleyan University. Through its Wesleyan University Freeman Asian Scholars Programme this university offers scholarships that fully cover the tuition fee for a 4 years undergraduate course. The scholarship is meant to benefit Asian students as well as other international students.

Brandeis University. Through the Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship Program, outstanding students from all countries especially those interested in making a change in the everchanging student community are funded to study in the US.

Emory University Needs-Based Scholarship Program – This scholarship from Emory University is specifically meant to support international students who are financially unstable to pursue their studies.

New York University Wagner International Scholarships – The Wagner scholarships are awarded to a specific number of international students to study in the US by fully or partially funding their studies.

Illinois State University. The university through the Illinois State University Award program offers financial assistance to international students who have excellently performed in their previous.

University of Minnesota International Scholarships – This is a range of scholarships offered yearly to international students. One good thing about the scholarships is that they can be renewed after the completion of each academic year.

Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships – As the name suggests, this scholarship benefits high-performing students who wish to study in the United States.

Michigan State University International Scholarships – MSU has a wide range of scholarships that are meant to benefit deserving international students who wish to further their studies in the US.

University of Arkansas International Scholarships – Opportunities for international students to get financial assistance in their studies depending on their nationalities and financial background.

University of Iowa Scholarships for International First-Year Students – Scholarships for international students that cover their first year of study.

University of Oregon International Scholarships – The Oregon scholarships for international students benefit students from all over the world who are expected to give a presentation of their background.

The University of Wisconsin- The university through the University of Wisconsin Superior Non-resident Tuition Waiver Program provides tuition waivers to international students. The university also reduces its undergraduate fees by a given amount.

Berea College– This institution allows international students to study for free during their first year of admission. At this college students are also given a chance to work during the summer to be able to pay their fee for other years of study.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  The university offers tuition discounts to international students that have excellent academic performance as well as those who contribute in core -curricular activities.

Numerous universities in the United States provide scholarships to international students. Some of these scholarships may not be there each year for application. Therefore, you can also visit the websites of other universities to check on scholarships available for international students.

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