PAKAKUMI – Your Thrilling Online game to make a fortune from

PAKAKUMI – Your Thrilling Online game to make a fortune from

Pakakumi, is a thrilling social online game that is making participants millionaires every new dawn. It is a real-time simple and exciting game where you can securely play for fun or to win a fortune.

In pakakumi, we have rounds of the game, and you have the opportunity to place a bet before each round starts. Once it begins, a lucky multiplier starts at 1X and begins to climb higher and higher.

Interestingly, you can click “cash out” to lock in the current multiplier and you are awarded your multiplied bet. However, the longer you stay in the game before cashing out the higher the multiplier gets.

Although you can make a fortune and the chances of losing are very minimal, every tick of the game can bust, and if it happens before you cash out, you lose your bet. Sometimes, there is forced cash out when the multiplier gets too large risking their bank rolls.


Playing with us is as simple as ABCD, only what you need to have is just a minimum deposit amount of Ksh. 50 and you use the same number you login in with to do the deposit. In this game, you can’t deposit while having active bonuses.


Registering an account with us simply is free, head on to your web browser and type here you will fill all the information required and always ensure using your Mpesa number as shown in the figure below;

How to register with PAKAKUMI


Playing for the simplest game in the world will require you to deposit money so as to access the play, Just as easier as playing, Clients first and foremost are required to open a account.

After opening your account you will access the full menu of making a deposit that has been automated as shown in figure. below;

How to deposit in your PakaKumi account; Photo/Courtesy

After depositing any amount on your account acknowledge whether you would like to be credited your bonus amount or not and then select deposit where a pop notification will alert you of the verification process as shown;

Your PakaKumi deposit Mpesa Verification message alert

But in an eventuality where you experience a delay in the depositing process scroll down and type in your Mpesa Reference number in the self-service Menu and select verify

You can also do it through MPESA pay bill by entering 884488 as the business number and alphabet A as the account number.

Enter the amount that you want to play with, followed by PIN, and Press Send.

Pakakumi has a 100% Karibu deposit bonus for a deposit amount above Ksh. 300. To get the bonus, on the account number section, enter account number B100.

Deposits are usually processed within 2mins and in case of any delay, they have an online feature to enter the Mpesa transaction code.


When your internet connection is slow and disconnecting while placing your bet don’t have to worry at all, Pakakumi got you covered in case you have a problem with internet connections which may lead to disconnection. Here at the most trusted bust game in Kenya we have a feature called Auto cash out which allows you the user to set a maximum multiplier which is connected to the server and works even when there is no connections.

For any assistance, call 0700592624.

You are the next millionaire on Pakakumi, what are you waiting for? Register now using the link below

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