Kenya rejects in totality ICJ maritime ruling

Kenya rejects in totality ICJ maritime ruling

President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged to preserve the territorial integrity of Kenya in light of the judgment by the International Court of Justice on the maritime border dispute with Somalia. President Kenyatta criticized the decision, firmly stating that Kenya rejects it in totality and will not recognize the court’s findings.

In the four-page statement issued on Tuesday after the decision by the Hague court which ruled largely in favour of Somalia in its dispute with Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta noted that the decision will strain relations between the two nations.

The Head of State said Kenya rejects the outcome and the decision raises a fundamental question on the respect of the sovereignty and consent of States to international judicial processes.

President Kenyatta said the decision would also reverse the gains made in the region and could aggravate the peace and security situation in the Horn of Africa.

He however said Kenya will pursue the matter through the institutions of the African Union such as the African Union Border Programme 

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