Justin Muturi’s bag of promises to youth

Justin Muturi’s bag of promises to youth

The 2022 general elections is slowly gaining momentum with presidential hopefuls switching their target to youth who form the bigger percentage in the country.

The National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi who announced his plans of going for the country’s top seat is yet another candidate on youth radar after Raila and Ruto.

Muturi has promised to give more positions to youth if he is elected the president of the republic of kenya come August 2022.

In his engagement with Kenyans on Wednesday on Twitter, Muturi said that the youth are the majority in the country and that what is needed is for them to unite for the right course.

“The youth should organize themselves rather than wait to be organised by politicians,” Muturi said.

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Photo Credit: Citizen TV

When asked about his unique style of leadership if he manages to be elected, the National Assembly Speaker said he will start by streamlining the public sector by appointing the right people to office.

Muturi added that he will work with any like-minded leader in the country who shares his vision for the country.

Regarding the struggling economy, the speaker said that the government must stop borrowing, renegotiate the high-interest loans and stop white-elephant projects.

Muturi added that he will be announcing his running mate in due time.

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