Last lap for Kangundo Mp, Hon. Fabian Kyule Muli

Last lap for Kangundo Mp, Hon. Fabian Kyule Muli

Kwakathule Primary school new classes- (photo courtesy)

With barely 13 months to 2022 general election, what seemed to be a sinking boat for Kangundo Mp is resurfacing and there is no doubt that the legislator is working harder to capture the attention of the “lost hope voter” in Kangundo.

The mp has been seen around and more close to the people by launching numerous NG-CDF projects within his constituency with the latest been renovation of Kathiini SA primary school and construction of first ever CDF funded classrooms at Kwakathule primary school in Kangundo east ward.

Kangundo residents have criticized the law maker for failure to honor most of his promises during last election campaigns where he was seen as the only hope to raise Kangundo from ruins. Hon Fabian had promised to distribute Water Tanks, Dairy cows and Chicks for poultry farming during campaigns, but the promises are now glimpsed as one of the fairy tales that was never going to be.

2022 might be a very entertaining year to watch and the Mp is in fear of losing his seat to Hon. Rose Wambua who came second in 2017 general election, but also the emergence of Machakos health department cecm, Dr. Kituku Nzioka, a favorite among the voter must be giving the Mp sleepless nights. Indeed 2022 will be an interesting year to watch.

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