Outcry over drugs shortage in Machakos county health facilities.

Outcry over drugs shortage in Machakos county health facilities.

Machakos level 5 hospital

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen hospitals overwhelmed due to the large number of Covid-19 related cases, Machakos county residents have raised a concern over drugs shortage in almost all health facilities across the region

Hundreds of patients have been referred to seek treatment in costly private hospitals within the county as others are being forced to buy drugs from chemists who have hiked the price at the expense of desperate patients.

Machakos county CECM Dr. Ancent Kituku has noted that the shortage is due to national government funds delay to the county government as well as small budget allocation to the demanding health department by the county government.

“Health department has a budget allocation of about Ksh. 4.2B where Ksh. 3.8B goes to pay wages, remaining with only Ksh. 400M for drugs purchase and supply” he noted.

However residents have urged the minister and the office of governor H.E Dr. Alfred Mutua to immediately intervene and save them from the problem.

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