Eyewear Brand, Lapaire Announces Two Kenyan Brand Ambassadors

Eyewear Brand, Lapaire Announces Two Kenyan Brand Ambassadors

The Pan-Africa Eyewear brand, Lapaire has announced the signing of the two Kenyan sensations Ojwang Mariam and Allan Lawrence as their Brand Ambassadors.

The partnership saw the two parties enter into an agreement through a contract signing which took place on June 16, 2021.


The two newly announced brand ambassadors were chosen in regard to their talents, principles and their ability to run in the entertainment industry.

Ojwang Mariam is a bold and ambitious young man, a Journalist and Corporate Emcee with who according to Lapaire PR & Communications Officer E.A. Oliver Mwanko Wambile inspired the company with the work he does.

His background and experience with Eyewear has been inspiring, having encountered and struggled with eye health in the past.

“He is a perfect ambassador to represent our brand for how it elevates men & women to see better and feel great.” Oliver Mwanko Said in part. 


Allan Lawrence is one of the fastest-rising inspirational Speakers, Relationship Coach, Author Corporate Emcee And Event Host who represents the Kenyan youth for their exuberance and passion.


The two young brand ambassadors will work to help the company meet its main goal which is to offer a new user experience by making life easier for all eyeglass wearers in Africa.

Lapaire is revolutionizing access to eyewear in Africa by giving everyone the chance to see well, without breaking the bank. Since the beginning of the Lapaire Group adventure in Nairobi in February 2018, the Pan-African eyewear company has quickly won the hearts of Africans.


Lapaire Glasses takes care of people’s eyesight in: Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo and Uganda. And soon they will be welcoming new customers in many other African cities and countries.

In Kenya LAPAIRE glasses offices are located in Westland’s, Nairobi SK Offices, Rhapta Road.


Should you require more information or wish to book an appointment with Lapaire Glasses, please reach them through Email address: hello@lapaireglasses.com or Phone: +254 768 890448/+254 741 064 737 or visit their website: www.lapaireglasses.com for more information.

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