SC. Ahmednasir Wants Wajir Governor’s Family Probed

SC. Ahmednasir Wants Wajir Governor’s Family Probed

The Impeached Wajir Governor Mohammed Abdi,today was before the 11 member senate committee to hear his impeachment trial represented by his lawyers Paul Nyamodi and Ndegwa Njiru.

The MCA’s Today through their lawyer Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi sought to prove the two counts of gross violation of the Constitution and subsidiary laws as well as abuse of office and gross misconduct that saw them impeach the governor last month but the Wajir Governor lawyers on Wednesday opposed a request by the county assembly to summon his family members to testify in the case.


“As a matter of law, where as the three witnesses may be competent to testify against the governor, they are not compellable,” Nyamodi said.

The county Assembly’s lawyer wants the family of the governor summoned to testify before the Senate committee probing Abdi’s ouster.

Abdullahi said Khaire Omar, Abdi’s wife, and Yussuf Abdi and Barhiya Abdi, his son and daughter respectively, are critical in the case.

Photo Courtesy: PBU

SC Ahmednasir Abdullahi also voiced to have one Osman Abdi Jimale summoned, alledging that Osman has been a signatory and beneficiary of nearly all contracts awarded by the county government.

“The county assembly’s case revolved around the Governor’s family. The governor and his wife and children have played a critical role in degradation of governance in Wajir county,'” the senior counsel said.

However, in response to the county assemblies lawyer, the Governors lawyer Njiru, said the county assembly ouster was based on a fishing expedition.

“If we are to summon the family to testify against their father, the legal and social question is the future of cohesiveness of the family?” Njiru posed.

The governor’s lawyers also rejected the request by the county assembly to provide a new affidavit by a witnesses. They said the governor has not seen the new evidence and thus it is prejudicial to the county chief who is fighting for his governorship.

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