Unapologetic 7-Months Pregnant Woman Caught Pants Down With Pastor Says Was Quenching ‘Thirst’ Blames Husband

Unapologetic 7-Months Pregnant Woman Caught Pants Down With Pastor Says Was Quenching ‘Thirst’ Blames Husband

An expectant woman who was caught cheating her husband with a pastor has shocked many after coming out to clear the air about the whole incident alleging that she had lasted for long period and could not wait anytime longer even as she blamed her husband.

The woman who was speaking to elders seeking to settle down the matter claimed that she had decided to cheat on her husband as he had deserted her.

According to a report aired by kijabe based media house, the husband who works in Nakuru County, on Thursday morning, arrived at his Mukuyu home within Mautuma area in Lugari Sub-County and caught his wife in the act with a preacher by the name Peter Afagara.

The husband alleged that a neighbour had alerted him that his wife was cheating on him with “the man of God”

“On Wednesday night, I travelled to Lugari from Nakuru without alerting my wife. At 4 am, I went home unannounced, and caught the pastor in the act with my partner,” said the woman’s husband as quoted by K24.

The man went ahead and informed the village elders who called for a meeting, inviting both the wife and the preacher.

While the preacher asked for forgiveness from the husband, the wife said she had done it deliberately because her husband was nowhere to quench her sexual desires.

She said the husband who works in Nakuru County, had deserted her, which prompted her to engage the preacher in the act.


Here are some of Kenyans reactions to the incident.

@OmondiOchieng, “I was brought up in a very religious family, I love the word of God. However, I have the least trust and closeness to the current breed of the so- called “Pastors”. Most of them are not good people!.”

@ManSymo, “That clearly shows that men of god are also concerned about family matters 🙈.”

@ShukuShiqs, “Many “pastors eat the flock. The heard is no longer safe under the watch of the shepherds. Lord have mercy on us all and remind us to seek purity….”

@IssaSheikh, “A bus full of housewives going on a picnic crashed with no survivors. Each husband cried for a week but one husband continued for more than two weeks. When asked he replied miserable, “My wife missed the bus”.

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