West Pokot County Becomes First County To Endorse BBI In Rift Valley

West Pokot County Becomes First County To Endorse BBI In Rift Valley

West  Pokot County assembly  has become the first County  in Rift Valley to pass the Building Bridges Initiative in  the Rift Valley and fifth County assembly in the Country .

The County assembly members who debated the constitutional amendment bill ,2020 unanimously  endorsed the document.

In a  debate that took two hours all the members of county assembly adopted the bill as most of the members who stood up to support the bill said the 35 Percent revenue allocation to counties and additional constituencies in West Pokot county made them adopt the bill.

The leaders of majority Thomas ngolesia tabled the motion and it was seconded by leader of minority Peter lokor.

During the session every member who stood up praised the bill saying it favours the marginalized counties like West Pokot and it came at the right time to save marginalized communities.

Members of the county assembly had done public participation across the county for the past one week as they collected views from members of the public.

In a rare scenario seen in most of the counties the West Pokot county Governor John Lonyangapuo and Pokot south MP David Pkosing attended the session as members of county assembly were debating on the bill.

They said that the 2010  constitution which  painted the County‚Äôs image after many residents rejected it after being misled.

The County assembly members cited the equalization fund, the increment of County funds from 15% to 35% ,5% ward development fund, the gender issue ,the additional constituencies ,Formation of the Youth Commission, the Constituency Development Funds[CDF]  as what have impressed them in the BBI.

They said that the BBI report should be delinked from 2022 politics hence they opted to put aside their political differences in passing the BBI.

County assembly majority leader Thomas Ngolesya who moved the motion  cited  the bill   will be beneficial to the county that had been marginalized for long by former regimes.

The majority leader and Sekerr MCA  cited that  they are happy with the  proposal to have 35% of funds to counties .

He noted that they have put measures in place to popularize the initiative in the area.

Jubilee minority leader in the Assembly Mr  Peter Lokor said that members of the county assembly  said the bill  has many benefits to the Pokot community.

Kapchok ward MCA Peter Lokor said that a youth commission in the BBI will help youths get employment opportunities.

Lokor said that the proposed bill will help MCA’s be executive members hence help in developing the county.

Nominated MCA Elijah Kasheusheu  who dismissed allegations of MCAS being bribed noted that BBI will enable youths from the arid area to get employment opportunities.

One of the members of county assembly For Siyoi ward Renson Longit debated that according to public participation finding s 31% accepted the report, 23%are unaware, 38%rejected while 8%needed the document.

The West Pokot county speaker Catherine Mukenyang appreciated members of the county assembly for  the quality of the debate which was swift to the end.

He said the unanimous vote made the bill to sail through the referendum as every member was given an opportunity to express themselves.

She added that other county assemblies should allow room for public participation before the Bill is tabled on the floor of the house.

West Pokot governor John Lonyangapuo congratulated members of the county assembly for adopting the bill.

He noted that he had to attend the session as a witness and for the gains of the people he largely represented.

Pokot south member of parliament David Pkosing said the county is over populated and the increase in allocation to counties is a boost to the poor counties.

He added that at the national government at parliament he will personally vote yes and urged members of the public to distinguish between politics and BBI.

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