Fireworks As Nanok Embarrasses Raila In A Church Function

Fireworks As Nanok Embarrasses Raila In A Church Function

Sunday 7 was not an easy day for Raila Amolo Odinga when he shared a podium with Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok for a mass service in Saint Augustine’ s Cathedral in Lodwar, Turkana County.

The ODM leader together with othe pro BBI parliamentarians have been in Turkana in a charm offensive to woo the locals to support the building bridges initiative.

It is here that Nanok told Raila that he was ready to join another political party because the views of the Turkana residents and leaders were not captured in the BBI constitutional amendment proposal.

He further attacked the ODM pioneer saying that BBI was not the answer for Turkana’ s issues. What’ s more, Nanok encouraged Raila to disregard the help from Turkana in the event that they won’ t sort Turkana issues.

His utterances seemed not to have gone well with Raila whose body language potrayed disatisfaction and anger and could be seen talking in low tones with his allies while nodding his head as Nanok continued breathing fire.

He also complained that the equalisation funds from the government have never benefited them. He therefore gave Raila a condition that unless all the equalisation funds are used for the benefit of Turkana and other 7 counties, he will oppose the BBI report.

He concluded his speech by promising to mobilise his people to reject the BBI report claiming that he is the leader of the region and his voice represents all the residents of Turkana.

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