Pastor Ng’ang’a In Hot soup, Ordered To Pay Caretaker Ksh 300,000

Pastor Ng’ang’a In Hot soup, Ordered To Pay Caretaker Ksh 300,000

Controversial pastor of Neno Evangelism Church Pastor James Ng’ang’a was delt a blow yet again on Thursday 4 after the labor courts in Nairobi asked him to compensate a caretaker who worked at his church for unfairly sacking him

The man identified as Christopher Kinama was fired in 2017 over a dispute in car park fees collection.

According to a court ruling chaired by Justice Maureen Onyango, Ng’ang’a’s explanation for firing Kinama was contradicting and lacked merit.

According to the court the ex-employee was not given time by Pastor Ng’ang’a’s management to express himself before being sacked as ruled by the Judge.

Kinama sued Neno, saying that the church claimed to have called and given him a second chance for his job, yet the letter claimed to have been sent to him was dated November 18, 2016, while he had been fired on January 25, 2017. This was termed to be humanly impossible for the letter to be drafted before firing.

“With utmost respect to Apostle James Ng’ang’a, the author of the said letter, I am not convinced that it was humanly possible for him to predict that such events would take place and write the letter in advance. I have carefully perused the said letter. It is dated November 18, 2016. As indicated in the pleadings, the events occurred on January 25, 2017,” Justice Onyango ruled. 

Kinama was hired in 2017 By Neno Evangelism Church with a gross salary of Ksh. 8000 and by the time he was being fired he was earning Ksh.15000.

According to Kinama’s story Pastor Ng’ang’a reached out to him on January 24, 2017, and told him that he was in charge of the church canteen as well as collecting the parking fees.

At that time, the church had employed someone as the car attendant, which brought about issues on who should be collecting the parking fees.

Ng’ang’a later called demanding an explanation from the caretaker on why he had not followed his earlier instructions. Kinama answered by telling the pastor that the cashier at the church had said that she would be in charge of the fees.

The caretaker also told Ng’ang’a that they had asked the church manager to intervene into the matter. This request had hit a dead end as the matter was not looked into.

Even after the explanation that Kinama gave Ng’ang’a, the flamboyant pastor did not consider them and fired him.

In December last year, Pastor Ng’ang’a was in the limelight for careless driving, which cost a woman her life.

The controversial cleric and three others had appealed to strike out the case, arguing that an appeal was filed outside the 14-day timeline provided by the law.

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