Meet A 70 Year Old Woman Who Has Been Pregnant Since 1977 (44 Years)

Meet A 70 Year Old Woman Who Has Been Pregnant Since 1977 (44 Years)

It was the 32nd day of the year and the first day of the second month February when the Internet was set a blaze after a reading of a story featuring a Rwandese 70-year-old woman who has been pregnant since 1977 featured by Afrimax.

The woman narrates her journey that began in 1973 when she was engaged to her first husband but got divorced because she could get pregnant but the baby couldn’t make out alive. 

She parted ways with her first husband when she was seven months pregnant. 

According to the Woman her husband was a drunkard something that she allegging that once he was under the influence there was no peace in the house as this led to regular fights.

After divorce, she says her bitter husband cursed her to never give birth. she made way and sought refuge at her grandmothers house where she started feeling something strange about her Uterus as the foetus wasn’t moving as it is used to.

She would then endure social discrimination from neighbors even after crying out for help Her friends and neighbors claimed that she was carrying an animal and not a human.

The Rwandese woman believes her late husband was responsible of her misfortune.

She says after visiting the doctor to ascertain the problem, the result scan showed there was no sign of life and surgery was ought to be done but due to financial problems she did not do it. so sad may God help her

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