Which Way Coast? Kingi And Ruto Allies At Loggerheads Over Coastal Party Formation

Which Way Coast? Kingi And Ruto Allies At Loggerheads Over Coastal Party Formation

Kilifi county governor Jeffa Amason Kingi says a major political announcement will be made soon to give a political direction that will shape the politics of the region.

Speaking during the launch of Mbegu fund in kilifi county Kingi called on residents to give them support in providing the much-awaited political move.

The Governor however says the process to have a coast based party is in the final process and a major announcement will be made soon saying their aim was to unite all the coastal communities political to speak in one voice.

Kingi bashed the two emerging factions and chest thumping of leaders who have been divided along Tanga Tanga and Kiweleweke movement accusing them of misleading the region.

Kingi called on Coast residents to unite ahead of the much anticipated Coastal party formation drawing lessons from then leaders from the region, Prof. Katama Mkangi and Chibule Wa Suma who were so powerful but due to lack of home ground support they did not make it for presidency.

According to Kingi there Focus was to come up with an outfit that will have an affiliation from coast with a national figure to allow other regions also to support there initiative saying they are willing to bring everyone on board so that they move in one direction that will shape the political land scape in the region.

Already politicians allied to deputy president led by kilifi North MP Owen Baya and Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa have also been advocating for the formation of a coastal outfit with Plans to revamp KADU ASILI party a process in which they are accusing Kingi to have hijacked and taking credit to scuttle their efforts in re-uniting the region.

Kingi also called on the region to support the BBI initiative which will bring additional resources to the counties from 15% to 35%.

“its important for residents to start looking at the benefits of the document instead of listening to politicians who have not read the documents but opposing it based on the political affiliation”.

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