Miraa Farmers Joy As Somalia Lifts Ban

Miraa Farmers Joy As Somalia Lifts Ban

Miraa farmers and traders in Igembe area of Meru County have expressed their joy following yesterday’s announcement that Somalia’s federal government has lifted a ban on the importation of Miraa from Kenya.

The announcement was made by Somalia’s finance Minister Dr Abdirahman Dualeh Baileh, who however imposed certain conditions for the commodity to be admitted on Somalia territory, among them a requirement that traders must obtain import licences from the government and pay the appropriate duties.

Miraa farmers and traders in Meru County are now a jovial lot, following the announcement of return to the lucrative Somalia market, which has been closed for close to one year due to the ban imposed by president Farmajo.

James Mithika Ntongai, a reknown Miraa farmer, trader and marketer in the international market said that lifting of the year long ban was a huge sigh of relief for residents of Igembe area, most of whom are miraa farmers.

Mithika said that during the period of the ban, miraa traders and farmers have suffered a great deal, with the ban harming the local economy.

He said that efforts to look for an alternative market in Djibouti are yet to bear fruits, lauding the federal government of Somalia for making the decision to admit miraa back into their market.

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