Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman Narrates Performance Experience And Sitting Next To Obama’s

Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman Narrates Performance Experience And Sitting Next To Obama’s

To many, Amanda Gorman’s delivery of the her inaugural poem “The Hill We Climb” was one of the highlights of Inauguration Day the January 20th. The 22-year-old captured the nation not only with her words, but also her poise. 

But Amanda Gorman America’s first national youth poet laureate has finally let her feelings known to the public on how she felt like performing at the Inauguration and sitting next to  the Obama’s

The Inspirational 22-year old wordsmith During the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday demonstrated on how it was like just sitting next to the 44th President of the United States Barrack Obama and His Wife Michelle.

“I remember Michelle Obama, like, being close. And she kind of kept yelling at Barack, like, ‘Stop hugging people. Stop getting close to people. And then when I was done, she kind of like pushed him out the way and gave me the just the biggest, warmest Michelle Obama hug.” she told Ellen.

The young American Poet also revealed how she gained millions and millions of followers in just two days.

For all the excitement that day it wasn’t the first time she was meeting former first lady Michelle Obama as she had met her on several occasions before that life changing performance during the inauguration.

“I have met Michelle a few times before,” she said “Not Barack. And whenever I meet Michelle I hope that she forgets meeting me, because I just want a do-over. I just want a clean slate. Like, I just want to do it right this time. But she always remembers and she’s always great.”

When Ellen asked Gorman what it is like to hug Michelle she said “When I hug her, I’m so short. My forehead is, like, in her belly button.”

During the Interview, the young poetry star reflected on her performance and how it had impacted her life.

“I understand in some fashion that I was making history as the youngest inaugural poet,” she confessed. “I didn’t know really what that history would look like or the impact it would have. I just remember finishing, going back to my holding room, and just swiping up on my Instagram, [asking], ‘I wonder what people are saying.’ And just my apps, my phone not functioning. Like, all the apps I typically used had crashed. I couldn’t look at my photos, anything like that. And I hadn’t expected that.” she recalled.

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