Bizarre Murder: Son Brutally Stabs Parents To Death Over Land dispute In Makueni

Bizarre Murder: Son Brutally Stabs Parents To Death Over Land dispute In Makueni

Early Wednesday morning a man identified as John Ndingu Ndivo, 70, from Kwa Muiu village, Kiima Kiu, in Makueni County killed his parents, father Ndivo Ndolo, 100 and his mother Kamumbi Ndivo in a bizarre murder.

During the shocking incident, Ndingu is reported to have slashed with a panga his father who was in the kitchen preparing tea and when his mother witnessed what had happened tried to escape from the kitchen to a nearby maize farm but she was not lucky-he followed her and killed her on the spot.

In the entire day, villagers and family members of this sleepy village have been left in shock trying to come into terms with events that have left many shattered in disbelief. 

Family members have since disclosed that land dispute pitting the family could have caused the killings.

Ndingu’s daughter, Mary Ndunge said that she was in her routine morning chores of milking when she was called by her mother after they heard someone groan from her grandfather’s home-just a distant.

“There was loud cry from my grandfather’s home and my mother told me to go and check what was happening but I declined. I saw my father come running but we didn’t know if he had killed his parents,” Ndunge explained.

Ndunge described his father as a bitter man who never wanted others to get a share of their ancestral land. 

“He used to say he will kill someone but we never took that serious. In this family, my grandfather has seven children-five are men and two are females. My grandfather has been consistent in his claims that he will sell all the land and share the proceeds equally amongst all the children but my father was opposed to any share going to his sisters,” said Ndunge.

Susan Mulinge also paints his uncle as a man whom you would little imagine of committing such inhuman acts. 

Hunderson King’oo a neighbor narrates how the family has lived in a bitter land dispute that has left other two family members dead in the recent past weeks.

“We have been living with these people but they have been in bitter land tussle which has left others dead in the same family. One week ago, the deceased’s brother committed suicide and another family member too. We are living in fear as neighbors. We want the government to intervene and establish the root cause of all these problems and give them a permanent solution to avert continued deaths and killings,” said King’oo

Mukaa sub-county police commander Jacinta Mwarania, said they received the killing report from the Kiu area chief.

“We found bodies of the two lying with deep cuts and the suspected killer man was still at the scene. We rescued him and rushed him to hospital with the two bodies taken to Kilungu sub-county hospital mortuary,” said Mwarania

According to the police boss the man had stabbed himself severally on the stomach and had tried to slit open his throat. The suspect who was in serious condition was taken to the same Kilungu hospital before getting referred to Machakos level 6 hospital where he is receiving treatment and if he survives he will be presented to court thereafter. 

Police are in possession of the killer weapons-a panga and a knife as exhibits. 

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