End Of The Road For Notorious Gang Terrorizing Residents Of Kandeiya

End Of The Road For Notorious Gang Terrorizing Residents Of Kandeiya

Narok South Security Team had mounted massive operation in Kandeiya village Oldonyo Nyiro Location in Ololunga Division to flush out a notorious gang of criminals locally named ” Kandeiya Six”. 

According to narok south deputy county commissioner Felix kisalu the dreaded gang has been terrorising residents by;  Spearheding illegal occupation in private lands, Conducting cattle raids and thefts in Olashapani and Oldonyo Nyiro locations in Narok South and Olposumoru area in Narok North, Attacking village elders , community policing members, Arrow shooting of officials of Chepchabus Land Group Ranch, Murder and injuring of members of non local ethnic groups, Threatening to mobilise people to encroach into and occupy back Maasai Mau Forest as well as engaging in illigal logging and game hunting.

The Gang is also accused of threatening to sabotage the ongoing GoK Land Clean Up exercise and planned Mau Forest Fencing exercise and Supplying weapons and arms in during previous inter-ethnic skirmishes in the area.

The criminals had dug underground escape routes from their houses and erected night vigil sentries in their various houses and hide outs. 

With help of community members, Multi Agency team managed to arrest six members of the gang. Felix Thanked the members of the public for the great cooperation that led to their arreast adding that the six will be arraigned in court.

Deputy police commander of Narok south Magdelene chebet said the six criminals are funded by two people and that the forces are going to launch a serious operation that is going to bring them to book. 

The criminals are currently held at ololunga police station some with serious cuts they got from the resident awaiting to be arraingned in court soon.

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