Police in Nakuru investigate ‘fake court order’ That directed the return of Matatu to CBD

Police in Nakuru investigate ‘fake court order’ That directed the return of Matatu to CBD

Police in Nakuru have launched investigations on the source of a fake court order that directed the return of Matatus to the Central Business District (CBD). 

The probe was instituted after it came to light that a magistrate court order had allegedly been forged and an order included. 

Nakuru Youth Chairman Daniel Kimani had lodged a case against the County Government seeking to have Matatus returned back to town decrying loss of income. 

His application which had been marked as urgent sought to compel the devolved unit to stop the current construction of a matatu terminus. 

Senior Resident Magistrate Daisy Mosse in her ruling on Friday temporarily stopped the construction of the new stages directing for an inter-partes hearing tomorrow. 

However, the order in possession by matatu officials had a fifth segment directing that they be allowed back to their stages in the CBD pending hearing and determination of the case. 

As at today, detectives were keen on establishing the authenticity of the document matatu officials widely distributed among its members. 

The alleged fake order had the magistrate signature which has been said to be fake puzzling with the said item having a different font face and type compared with the original on from court. 

We have since learnt that detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are set to take up the matter under serious crimes. 

The petitioner of the case Daniel Kimani was today holed up at the Nakuru Central Police Station as police were trying to establish who served the fake order. 

Speaking outside the station, Matatu officials maintained that the said order ordering their return to the CBD was genuine vowing to continue with their resolve to get back to town. 

Central Rift Matatu Owners Association (MOA) Chairman Stephen Muli said they are law abiding citizens noting that someone had interfered with the file. 

He insisted that that they are law abiding citizens adding that the same is a serious offense and those culpable should be prosecuted. 

Central Rift MOA vice chairman Peter Wambugu said the same has to be investigated accusing the county government of having a hand in the forgery. 

Wambugu has called in the DCI and the judiciary to investigate the matter adding that the same if true is a blow to the independence of the court. 

On his part Macharia Ngare insisted that the petitioner went to court as a private Kenyan adding that there seems to be manipulation in the orders. 

He suspects there are people tampering with court documents adding that the same has to be thoroughly investigated. 

Governor Lee Kinyanjui raised concern with the court as the orders issued by the court to his office did not authorize matatus to be allowed back to the CBD. 

The Governor said it was unfortunate that someone would use a forged document to fulfill their own selfish attempts. 

Those found culpable for the offences of forgery and making a document without authority face three years imprisonment. 

Forceful attempts by the operators to return to their termini within the CBD in recent months have been met with stiff resistance from the police. 

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