Maralal Health Workers Down Their Tools Amid Second Wave Of Covid 19

Maralal Health Workers Down Their Tools Amid Second Wave Of Covid 19

Business Operations in Maralal town came to a standstill for an hour when workers from maralal refferal hospital held demonstration protesting against delayed allowances payment by the county government.

Led by the hospital medical suprintendent Dr. Esra Lekenit who resigned following irregularity in the county that was given a blind eye, He apppealed to the county government to pay health workers their covid 19 risk allowances as well as contractors.

Dr. Lekenit alleged that the hospital had accumulated a much bigger debt that has led to cut off of food supply and cleaning stuff claiming that covid 19 patients were being mixed with the rest a move that posed a great danger.

However, the county’s executive commitee member for health stephen lekupe said the county government is already addressing health worker grievances.

“The grievances brought before us are straight forward, they will not even go beyond our first meeting our suppliers are ok, they have been receiving payments once we get money and even if we are having fewpending bills they are awaiting clearance once we get money and that has not stopped us from accessing any supplies,” He said.

The CEC further clarrified that it was the national government that was paying Covid 19 risk allowances to health workers.

“The covid 19 allowances are paid by the national government through national covid 19 response commitee that is not function of the county government,” He added.

Members of the county assembly and workers from the governors office successfully persuaded the demonstrators to go back to work.

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