Controversial Preacher,John Pesa says his Life is in Danger After Meeting Deputy President

A Kisumu based preacher who accompanied religious leaders for a church service at the Deputy President’s Sugoi home early this week, claims his life is in danger.

Father John Pesa, the founder of the Holy Ghost Coptic church says unknown persons stormed his church in Kanyakwar on Tuesday demanding money and threatening to kill him.

During a press conference on Wednesday the founder of Holy Ghost Coptic church based at Kanyakwar in Kisumu says since his meeting with the deputy President strange people have been sending text messages threatening to harm him. he says as if that was not enough a number of unknown people stormed his church on Tuesday demanding  a share of the money, he was given by the Deputy President and even threatening to kill him.

“They told me to produce the money Ruto gave me the failure to which they would kill me. I wonder why someone would threaten to kill me yet I did not get a cent from the visit. I did not see any money,” he said.

Father Pesa says  he was not taking the threats lightly and had reported and recorded statements at Kondele and Central Police Stations adding that the visit to DP’s home was purely to offer prayers and that he was not given any money.

The controversial preacher who has been the subject of ridicule on social media platforms after he erroneously said that King Solomon killed Goliath in the Bible said he was shocked by the latest happenings after the visit. Father Pesa said his intention was to liken Ruto’s presidential bid to how David killed Goliath and defended himself against the error saying age was catching up with him.

He said as a servant of God he was open to all and will not fear to honor such invitations in future

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