Family Loses Child Through Trickery

A vulnerable family from Kemera location,Manga sub county is crying for justice after they lost a child to a suspected  child-trafficking syndicate.

The male infant born to their mentally challenged daugher from Metembe , was allegedly taken away  by area  assisant chief ostensibly  for care at a children’s home.

According to the family, the assistant chief arrived at their home with  a woman ,three days after the  child was born and managed to convince the sick mother to give it  away.

He told  the child’s mother to release her teenage daughter  to be taking care of  her sibling at the home of his second wife, pending transfer to a children’s care centre.

The assistant  chief later  allagedly  turned against the girl,and chased her  leaving the child  behind.

This was the last time the family heard of the child.

Efforts to track down the child  four years down the lane has  born no fruit as the family was being taken in circles by the administrator and police at Manga.

Mzee David Ogato,said her ailing daughter had delivered safely to a baby boy but the  assistant chief tricked them into taking away his grandson.

He wants the child back after suspecting the  assistant chief was not up to no good.

Mourine Kemunto, narrated how she  accompanied the chief  to his home, and how she took care of her younger brother only for the family to become hostile and  chase her away.

Initiatlly, the  assistant chief had  promised in vain  to take her to school after the child  had been ‘’admitted at a children’s home’’.

Angeline  Nyanduko,a daughter-in law in the family, condemned individuals bent on taking advantage of  the vulnerable to imprignate  and robb them of their children.

Dismas Ogato complained over frustrations  faced by the   family to recover the child even as Manga police admitted they were aware of the case and could soon start investigations.

A human rights lobbyst, Thomson Osoro condemned the incident and petitioned interior ministry to intervene.

Osoro said the public should be told under which circumstances the assistant turned child-trafficker, had been released from police custody.

The assistant chief reached on phone said he could not comment on the issue.

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