Bodaboda Operators Wants Police To Crackdown On Killer Kenya Mpya Buses

Boda Boda operators in Thika town have petitioned the police to crackdown on rogue buses operated by Kenya Mpya bus firm which have caused countless road carnages in the region. 

The operators accused Kenya Mpya buses crew of operating with impunity saying that they disregard other road users reading a spate of accidents that have claimed innocent lives and left others with serious injuries.

 They spoke in Thika town after a procession with the remains of their colleague, 23-year-old Daniel Muigai who was knocked to his death by a Kenya Mpya bus on Monday last week 
Muigai was headed to Ngoingwa estate to pick a client at around 8.00pm on the fateful day when the bus overlapped to his lane crashing him to death on the spot. The bus driver sped off and is yet to be arrested. 

“We have no bad blood with Kenya Mpya buses but their crew has been operating with impunity on these roads. They have no respect for other road users and that’s why they have been involved in numerous accidents.

Innocent Kenyans have lost their lives and others left with grave injuries but time has come to tame them,” said Thika town boda boda chairman Johana Kimemia. 

Kimemia challenged the bus firm management to intervene and discipline their crew saying that more carnages caused by their negligence will not be tolerated. 

“Muigai is the last boda boda operator we will bury because of these rogue buses. We don’t know whether it’s a cult but we will not condone their recklessness anymore,” the Chairman said. 

“There are other buses that operate in Thika like Chania Travellers and Super Metro and we have never heard of them being involved in such incidences,” noted rider Kimani Ngugi. 

The operators called on Thika police to crack down on the buses and ensure that they comply with traffic rules. “On many occasions the buses get involved in accidents they are not arrested and if arrested they usually bribe their way out in hours. We will keenly observe them and if we get them on the wrong we will halt their operations,” said Karanja Mwaganu, an operator.

Thika sub-county police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri who spoke via phone however said that the police are pursuing the driver of the bus that killed Muigai and that he will be prosecuted once arrested. 

On Tuesday last week, the operators held protests in Thika town against the killing of one of their own by the rogue buses. The protests saw several buses pelted with stones and transport in the area paralyzed for several hours. 

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