Police Intensify Crackdown On A Criminal Gang Terrorizing Nakuru Residents.

Police Intensify Crackdown On A Criminal Gang Terrorizing Nakuru Residents.

Security agencies in Nakuru have intensified their crackdown against a dangerous gang that has been terrorizing residents especially in the slums.

County Commissioner Erastus Mbui Mwenda said detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigators were focusing their attention on two members of parliament suspected to be bankrolling activities of “Confirm” gang.

Addressing a public Baraza in Kivumbini Estate Mwenda said the County Security Committee was also probing activities of rogue police officers who have been leaking information to the terror gang.

“We are not going to condone police officers who are frequent visitors to hideouts of the criminal gang in Kivumbini and Flamingo estates. They will be arrested, arraigned before law courts and sacked in public interest” warned the administrator.

 “Confirm” gang was in December 2016 listed by former Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery as one of the more than 90 outlawed gangs operating in Kenya.

The gang has been terrorizing residents in Nakuru slums including Kivumbini, Lake View, Kwa Rhoda, Kaptembwa, Flamingo, Kaloleni and Bondeni among others.

Mwenda expressed concern that children as young as 12 years were being recruited in the gang after dropping out of school, adding that parents who abdicate their responsibilities would be subjected to criminal prosecution.

He said the gang had also been giving protection to a cartel involved brewing of illicit brews and peddling of narcotic drugs in slums.

“I direct chiefs to crack down on brewers of illicit brews within two weeks.  Am aware that notorious brewers of illicit brewers are well known and there should be no excuse why they are not being arrested and prosecuted. I will ensure a sustained crackdown until we get rid of these criminals” said Mwenda.

Mwenda urged residents to report any criminals to the police to help them deal with crime in the region.

“We will not tolerate a resurgence of any criminal gang. Those involved will face the full force of law. I urge residents to be candid and to report members of the criminal gang to help police arrest more culprits.

Security agents are ready to nip in the bud any re-emerging criminal gangs and the operation will continue until we wipe out the gang,” said Mbui

“Confirm gang”, mainly made up of youth, is also said to have a network of fraudsters on the loose who use mobile money technology to swindle Kenyans out of their hard-earned cash in Nakuru and other towns.

Mwenda said “Confirm” has tentacles spread in various slums and has been operating with impunity and obtaining money fraudulently through mobile money transfer services and doing muggings and robberies.

The gang has splintered into several factions that have engaged in bloodletting skirmishes over territories leading to deaths and destruction of property valued at millions of shillings.

The County commissioner also decried a new wave of crime where muggers on boda-boda were snatching mobile phones and handbags from members of the public

He said plain clothes police officers had been deployed to deal with criminals operating on motor bikes.

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