KNC Party Supports Government fight on Corruption

Kenya National Congress political party has decided to support the current government giving reasons for its move.

During a meeting with delegates from Bobasi at Nyamataro,the party national leader, Manson Oyongo, says they will suport president Uhuru Kenyatta’s government to fight run away corruption.

The party also noted with concern  the bleeding of public resources through graft and could like to be enjoined in the crusade to eradicate it.

According to the leader,the party was committed to  collaborate  with a non-competitor in the electoral circle.

“This will avoid a situation where , while  working together,confusion will not arise in the fiedling of candidates at varius levels by the two parties,” he added.

During the meeting The KNC party endorsed the appointment of cabinet secretaries from members of parliament unlike the current prodecure where  the CSs are non-politicians.

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