Calls to Unite Central Kenya

Five former Members of parliament from Mt Kenya region has declared that president uhuru kenyatta will continue to be the region political King pin even after next General election.

According to MPS Kiembi Gitura, Peter Gitao,Joshua Toro,Eng Stephen Ngari and senetor Daniel Karaba, President UHURU kenyatta will be the only person who will direct Mt Kenya region which direction to take after his term come to an end in 2022.

The former legislator’s also dismissed claims that the region is indepted to deputy president Dr William Ruto saying that the DP has disrespect the president by continued in engaging in early campaign.

Speaking at Sagana town the former legislatures led by embatled KEMSA chairman Kiembi Gitura accused DP and his Allie’s in both Senate and national assembly of politicising war on corruption and targeting individuals close to President.

He said that the region should not be quick to declare which presidential candidate they will support in 2022 but should wait for direction of the head of State.

They said that the current leadership in both Senate and national assembly can’t be trusted to show the region direction since they are only interested in financial gain.

Former Mwea MP Peter Gitao said that the region should convene a political meeting of all leader’s to come with region stand on next General election.Mr Gitao noted that currently the region is being intimidated by political leaders from other region on who to support come next election.

The MPS who met kirinyaga county council of elders urged elders to be on forefront to propagate president Uhuru Kenyatta ageda and urge the leader’s to respect the president.

Kirinyaga council of elders chairman Bishop Cyrus Kithaka said that the region should stand with health CS Mutahi Kagwe saying that he’s being fought since he has proffed to be hard working and loyal president confidante.

He said that the elders will stand with President Uhuru Kenyatta ageda and urged residents not to be swared from supporting their leader.
They vowed to stand united as region noting that the region has a great bargaining power in the next election.

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