Cane Farmers Protest Over A Fake Sugar Factory Promise

Cane Farmers Protest Over A Fake Sugar Factory Promise

Cane farmers in South Mugirango have raised their concerns over fake promises by governor James Ongwae who had promised to put up a sugar factory that was to be constructed in the area even  as their counterparts in former Nyanza region complained  of  the ailing industries.

Protesting in Moticho ward,the farmers who currently delivered their cane to Mara sugar factory in Transmara petitioned the authorities to come clear on the non-existent factory.

The farmers claim Governor James Ongwae had visited the area and promised to put up the factory  through public private partnership  as one way of alleviating  challenges in the industry.

He had cited a consortium  of sugar industries from  India as one of the partners in the  project  to be located at  Nyangweta forest.

Later, high ranking  officers from the  state department of Agriculture  also inspected the proposed site of the factory and gave a green light.

Over five years down the lane,the project was yet to take –off aggravating the   cane farmers’  tribulations.

Denis Onserio,lemented over  wastage of their crop after it was sometimes  rejected  by Mara sugar factory for lack of  crashing capacity.

The factory according to Samuel Ondeyo, was expected to provide employment opportunities to the area  youths ,but the  proposal had turned  into a  pipe dream.

Intriguingly, governor Ongwae has since laid a foundation stone for construction of a banana factory at Kenyenya in the proposed  plant’s  neighbourhood.

This  follows a dispatch of  top level  delegation by  the national government to the sugarcane zones of Western and Nyanza with a view to recommending measures geared towards streamlining   them economically.

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