Circumcirsors Vow To Move On with Rituals Despite Corona Regulations

Confusion has hit Bungoma and Trans Nzioa counties with elders going head on with the regulations of public health on social distance over corona virus.

The circumcision ceremonies set to kick off late July this year has drawn circumcisers from the two counties of Bungoma and Trans Nzioa to officially jump start the ceremony

 The chief principal circumciser thanked the government for giving them the opportunity to carry out their rituals.

Bungoma and Trans nzioa County are among the counties set for this ceremonies coming every year of our calendar.

The ceremony started with preparation of their tools of trade slaughtering two hens white and red roosted them   with their feathers they perused   the intestines found  it was  well with the  exercise,

The chief officer department of health Bungoma County Mr. Patrick Wandil says the youth can take their circumcision at the public health institution.

He said that they have adequate services in the health institution when the youth are ready disputing the class and age as far as circumcision is concerned.

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