Push and Pull for County Allocation Revenue

Push and Pull for County Allocation Revenue

The debate over the best formula to share county revenue rages on with Kacheliba Legislator Mark Lomunokol demanding the current proposed formula be shelved.
Lomunokol argues the current formula lacks fairness and will only serve to further alienate the marginalized .

Kacheliba Member of parliament Mark Lomunokol has faulted the proposed County revenue allocation formula, terming it a recipe for marginalizing some counties in development.

The new formula seeks to have counties allocated funds based on their population with those with a large land mass but lower population receiving less funding.

The Legislator is calling for the suspension of the formula terming it as one that will pay less attention to Counties in rural areas hence pushing them further into poverty.

The legislator further says that if approved, then it will see a number of projects in the Counties stalled. Under the new arrangement, at least 29 counties are set to gain more revenue with 18 others losing at least a billion shillings each.

Senators were forced to shelve debate on the proposal to allow for more time to build consensus on the revenue sharing formula.

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